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This is my Woman Crush Monday. Her name is Tony and she’s my favorite Bodypump instructor. She kicks my butt every time. This lady is very dedicated always coming up with fun, very effective workout routines. I love taking her class so much that sometimes I switch my shifts at with to be able to workout with her. I think I’ve taken every class she teaches and haven’t been disappointed yet. Tony rocks!!! #bodypump #wls #womancrushwednesday #BEASTMODE

So far I have gone to the gym to workout, went to the store, swam for 45 minutes with a friend came home, prep my meals for the day, had brunch took a shower and right now I’m resting for a few minutes before getting ready to go work an eight shift. All before 1 pm. I’m seating here thinking what my morning looked more than a year ago. I would’ve woken up had a big unhealthy breakfast watched tv for like 4 hrs straight while munching on junk food, gotten to work feeling tired and sick and keep eating junk through my whole shift. Got out work eat more junk, and feeling so disgusted and disappointed. I’m not that person anymore and I pray I never go back to be that person ever again. Yes, I do get tired. Yes, I’m sore most of the time. Yes, I do crave junk A LOT!! Yes, sometimes I do eat a cheat meal. Yes, sometimes I do want to quit. But I’m so close to my goal, so far away from where I started. I’ll keep pushing!! I won’t stop!! I can’t!! I need this. My body craves working out, healthy food and water. I love and enjoy what I do even when I whined a little. Believe it or not. I used to be a couch potato. There’s your #motivationalmonday friends! #beastmode #rny #wls #thernylife

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