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letmeedomee asked:

Hi, I just started following u and saw your transformation picturers theyre very inspiring! Now Im looking for someone who is going through it that could help me and push me through my own transformation! If u could help, I'd love to hear back!๐Ÿ˜Š

Hi there! Thanks for the follow. Yes, of course I’d love to help you. I’m always here for anything you may need. We should connect on Facebook if you have one. Here’s the link so you can add me ๐Ÿ˜Š

Transformation Tuesday :) This is the first time that I can actually see the difference of how much I’ve changed! Yep, same girl in both pictures! No, it’s not photoshopped! It’s taken me almost a year to get where I am. And although I haven’t arrived yet, it is nice to take a moment and look at how far I’ve come! And now that doing Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix has finally ended my stall and I’m losing weight and inches again. I’m so excited and so pumped to keep going. Nothing’s gonna stop me from getting what I want!! #gettingfit #transformationtuesday #wls #rny #thernylife #shakeology #blessed #21dayfix #imfabolous #thernylife #godisgood #reachmygoals #imadreamer

21 day fix day 8: one of the many perks of living so close to work: when you arrive at work and noticed that you forgot your delicious tropical strawberry shakeology (strawberry shake + banana, pineapple and mango) you can go back home and get it (cause you’re a junkie now after only 8 days lol) and walk to work again getting there with 6 minutes to spare :) #shakeology #21dayfix #wls #thernylife #rny #gettingfit

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